We will not stay silent. We stand in solidarity.

Black Lives Matter.


Listening, learning, taking action

G Pen stands in support of the fight against racial injustice propagated towards the Black Community across America. More than monetary donations and mentions on social media, G Pen plans to foster positive change through partnership and the continued promotion of authentic inclusivity. As an influential brand, we extend our platform to help dismantle an unjust system in support of those most vulnerable.

This is a profoundly complex and pivotal moment and we are committed to listening and learning from our Black Community Leaders, Collaborators, Customers and Employees. What we have heard are painful experiences that illustrate where we must do better and we are committed to supporting this fight for a better tomorrow.



Our promise to you:

  • Education and Awareness.

    • • We commit to providing education and awareness training for our staff and have begun this initiative with an internal open forum discussion led by a powerful thought leader and will continue these forums indefinitely.
    • • We commit to the continued support of the initiatives leading this revolution and will continue to identify additional opportunities that are aligned with this vision.
  • Amplifying the good.

    • • We support our staff that wishes to participate in various forms of activation.
    • • We commit to leveraging our platform and to use our relationships with BIPOC owned entities to help unify our industry and promote the sharing of resources, charity and inclusion in a collective effort to help uplift the Black Community.
  • voting.

    • • Every voice counts and collectively we are making change. If you need support or information on your local elections, visit this link.
    • • We will accommodate our staff to vote on a workday to ensure their voices are heard.

fund the movement

Here are some of the important advocacy organizations we are donating to in support of this continuous fight for racial and social justice. We encourage you to learn about the important work that is being done and how you can get involved:

  • Black Lives Matter

  • naacp

  • color of change

  • last prisoner project

  • trevor project

We will continue to listen and learn while we focus on action. The work has just started.

Listening, learning, taking action

With love and respect,
the g pen family

we stand with you