About Us

G Pen Engineers The Most Advanced, User-Friendly Portable Vaporizers

 Leading at the forefront of ingenuity and aptitude, G Pen was the first to market a tank system specifically designed for essential fluids and personal aromatherapy regimens.

uncompromising quality

We Pledge Uncompromising Quality

We integrate superior functionality with the convenience of transportability. Our mission is to create high-powered vapes with innovative technology at a price point everyone can access.

uncompromising quality

Giving Back To The Community

G Pen, through our parent company Grenco Science®, established the Charity Series, a collection of products tied to nonprofit organizations wherein a portion of net proceeds are donated with each purchase. We also created the Artist Series, an installment of collaborations with industry leading artists and brand ambassadors.

Testimonial from Medical Jane

The perfect marriage of form and function

Medical Jane

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The best designed vaporizers for the stylish smoker


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One of the best vapes money can buy


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Quality portable devices


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