What type of vaporist are you?

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2023
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Humans are creatures of habit. We’ve all got our own daily rituals to help center our minds and perform consistently every day. They can have a significant impact on your productivity, well-being, and overall success. By incorporating positive daily rituals into your routine, you can optimize your time, energy, and focus. See what G Pen product best fits your lifestyle.

Guy hitting the Dash+ Vaporizer

The Busy Body

Are you someone who just can’t sit still? Busy bodies are known for their ability to juggle multiple tasks and stay productive. They have developed certain habits that help them stay on top of their game. When you’re always on your feet, it’s important to have a vaporizer that can keep up with your way of life. The full-color LED display makes it easy to glance down and see what temp the Dash+ is set to, so you never miss a beat.

Recommended Vape: Dash+

The Sports Talk-Show Fanatic

Tyson 2.0 Hyer laying on table

Do you start every day with your favorite sports-centric talk show? Do you need a way to stay connected to your favorite teams and players? If you live and breathe sports, the Tyson 2.0 HYER is the perfect match. It’s a hit for anyone who is passionate about analyzing every aspect of the game or fight. The customized Tyson 2.0 colorways throughout and custom Boxing Glove Travel Case make this intuitively designed, dual-use, portable enail a true collector’s item.

Recommended Vape: Tyson 2.0 Hyer

The Micro Dosing Mom

Micro+ Vaporizer over food

Being a mom is stressful. There are some days when it all just feels like a lot. Many women are finding ways to balance their responsibilities while incorporating cannabis into their lives. These moms prioritize their well-being while still being dedicated to their families. Managing motherhood and cannabis use requires careful planning and responsible consumption. Having the ability to enjoy a microdose of relief can get things back on track. The compact size and portability of the Micro+ Vaporizer make it ideal for the mom on the move. Built to provide consistent heat application, and optimal flavor profiles on every heat setting, the Micro+ Tank provides balanced airflow for maximum vapor production.

Recommended Vape: Micro+

The Weekend Adventurer

Holding the Elite II

When the clock strikes 5 pm on Friday, you’re the first one out the door ready to enjoy a weekend in the wilderness. The Elite II is fully charged and packed up in the hard hemp carrying case, ready for action. With a 2200mAh battery, you’re set for up to an hour of use, so this portable dry herb vaporizer is perfect for a long-lasting adventure. If your outing lasts longer than the weekend, bring a portable charger because with USB-C fast charging the battery gets fully charged in an hour and a half. Get out there and embrace the beauty of nature, while seeking thrilling experiences.

Recommended Vape: Elite II

Girl holding out Connect with Bong

The Daily Dabber

Dabbing has become increasingly popular among enthusiasts, providing a potent and flavorful experience. If they’re your dabs and you need them now, the Connect pairs with virtually any glass-on-glass water piece to deliver smooth and powerful draws. The revolutionary design is perfect for enjoying your favorite concentrates throughout the day. Utilizing a ceramic heating element with three temperature settings, the Connect accommodates a wide variety of concentrates. With no cables to tie you down, you can go wherever the day takes you!

Recommended Vape: Connect

Selecting the Vaporizer that is Right for You

Choosing the right herb cannabis vaporizer can be overwhelming, but we're here to help! Consider the different types of vaporizers, factors like portability and vapor quality, and the benefits they offer. By doing so, you can find the perfect vaporizer that suits your needs and enhances your experience.

And check out our extensive Vaporizer Buying Guide as an additional resource to help you find the right vape.